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We are all in one solution for your cryptocurrency needs. We show you the way to claim free crypto, offer token sale, provide exchange platform, have decentralized remittance solution & conduct Investor Summit

We have 40+ Payment Methods Available

LionPay - Token Sale

The LionPay is looking forward for ETHA Remit. LionPay’s token sales will adopt a format, with the ETHA Remit user balance recording from today.

The format permits ETHA remittance holders to contribute a sum of ETHA into tokens when its final assignment of the new token is established by the ratio of ETHA committed by all participating users against the total committed ETHA. We shall set a maximum maximum token allocation per person to ensure that all users are fairly allocated.

Up to the cumulative average of 30 days you can commit any amount of ETHA Remit. For eg, you can contribute an average of 10,000 ETHA remittances over the 30 days of the subscription duration to 10,000 ETHA.

To engage in this selling of the token users must complete their account checks and also be to a qualifying authority.

Token Sales end in:

Upcoming Investor Summit 2021

ETHA Remit Summit 2021

Currency of the Future?

At the ETHA Summit, you will have the opportunity to learn about cryptocurrencies, in order to better appreciate why they are now being widely recognized as a gold rush for banks and governments, as well as how you can stand out as an investor in a gold rush.

We put together the world’s best experts in blockchain and cryptocurrencies to discuss how often companies, technologies, and procedures are being profoundly reliant on them, allowing us to be innovative or perish.

Organized by ETHA, a world leader in education and money and lifestyle workshops, the summit will explore the finer points of cryptocurrencies and help you turn your job into money.

What You Should Expect?

The aim of the summit is to make your aware about

The Basics

What is cryptocurrency and more importantly, what is the technology behind it?

Blockchain technology

How Blockchain technology is changing the way we bank, transact, pay and consume.

For Your Business

How you can use Blockchain technology in your businesses. This could be the future of your business.

Digital Currencies

The potential of digital currencies in both developing and developed economies.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining: getting started as an individual.


How regulatory bodies worldwide react to cryptocurrency, and how to overcome.

ETHA Remit Index

Why Invest in Crypto

Ask yourself, Do you own your life or are you a slave? Save energy, save your life. Choose life, choose coin.

If you own your life then it follows that you also own the product of your life energy.

This is your property.

If someone takes your property without your voluntary consent, they have taken a piece of your life.

And you are their slave to some degree.

Crypstocurrency, properly used, can be difficult to take from you without your voluntary consent.

Cryptocoin is a tool that can help you protect your property and thus, your life.

Crypto is a matter of life and death.

Save energy, save your life.

Choose life, choose coin.

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Decentralized Remittance Solution

A more transparent financial environment for payments and remittance providers is our goal.

We constructed an all-encompassing forum for the international transfers and crypto economy.

Blockchain based network allowing retailers and customers to transfer both local and global fiat currency with each other

The first of its kind of crypto-to-to-fiat exchange Senders would be able to make payment of fiat money in several options such as Direct to Bank, Local Pick-up, or Mobile top-up. we want to be able to help people to give money to over 190 countries

The ETHA payment platform runs as a distributed system, transparent and trustless operating system, which combines digital currency services and fiat money into one by using a trustless ecosystem.

Download ETHA App

Take the first step towards financial freedom

The mobile app would enable users to monitor their funds and key access will be held through multi-signature signatures. A backup encryption passphrase allows access to all supported coins, only by the recipient.

Get started with ETHA Remit today.

Blog Posts

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An Expert’s guide on using the Rabbit Vibrator

It’s not necessary to be the Samantha in your group to be interested in learning how to operate a bunny vibrator. You might remember that bashful Charlotte was the one who cherished her bunny the most if you’ve heard about the toy from Sex and the City.

Of course, rabbits are adorable and cuddly. Oh, and they provide powerful orgasms by stimulating the clitoris AND the G-spot.

Fun is doubled when the pleasure is doubled.

The popularity of rabbit vibrators is due to another factor, though. Approximately 18% of women claim to be able to induce orgasm only by penetration. They also require clitoral stimulation. With only one hand and the intensity of your choice, rabbit vibrators let you stimulate the clitoris and enter the vagina simultaneously.

All right? We’ve just begun. Most ladies concur that you should wear a bunny vibrator, and let’s know precisely why and how!


What Is A Rabbit Vibrator?

A rabbit vibrator, also known as a jack rabbit vibrator or a bunny vibrator, consists of a standard dildo-shaped vibrator with an attachment that simultaneously stimulates your clitoris and penetrates your vagina. The name of this particular type of vibrator comes from the two curved pieces of the attachment that mimic rabbit ears.


What Makes It A “Rabbit”?

Most people think that the exterior shaft of rabbit vibrators is shaped like a bunny’s head, with its split ends mimicking the ears. The truth, however, is even more shocking.

In Japan, where obscenity laws forbid “too lifelike” sex toys, the rabbit vibrator was designed. The name ‘rabbit’ is a continual reminder that a woman’s freedom to pleasure cannot be taken away by law. As a result, the rabbit’s creators and those of other sex toys pass off their goods as adorable pets. They may offer their toys to ladies throughout the country in this fashion without running afoul of the law.

Therefore, when you get a rabbit vibrator, you are not only splurging on one of the most alluring sex toys ever created for ladies. Additionally, you are opposing the power!


Will I Enjoy Using It?

You want to know if the rabbit toy is ideal for you before spending money on one. Everyone has varied needs and preferences; most individuals aren’t born knowing what kinds of sensations are best for them.

The frustrating truth is that you must try out different things while the vibrating rabbit does its job and see how you feel about them. Because everyone has various wants and tastes, you should experiment to get to know yourself better. A rabbit can be the right pet for you if you enjoy the sensation of inside fullness and exterior excitement. If you always do two-hand masturbation or enjoy stimulating your clit with your hand as a lover penetrates you.

You could be aware of your preference for a dual feeling. However, you might want to give it a try if you’ve never experienced any kind of simultaneous internal and exterior stimulation. Use a device you own while you finger yourself or try clit stimulation during coupled sex if you don’t have one.



Tips To Get Started On With Your Vibrator:

So how can you make the most of it to make yourself feel good? Here are 5 fiery ways to get more enjoyment out of your rabbit vibrator:

  1. Get set, go

There are several speed options included with your rabbit vibrator. The vibrator will go through your body rapidly, stimulating your clitoris and giving you the most adrenaline. For an immediate orgasmic release, speed it up.

  1. Decelerate

Some of us like a more leisurely pace to have the most orgasms. You might want to try out various settings, such as setting your rabbit vibrator to slow while you excite yourself during foreplay and speeding it up when you have an orgasm. To have a long, gradual, and intense orgasm, you may also slow down the vibrator to provide gentler pressure on the clitoral region.

  1. Clit is the queen

One of its advantages is the ability to use the rabbit vibrator alone to excite your clitoris. A powerful clitoral orgasm is something that many people like, and these vibrators offer this unique stimulation to brighten your day.

  1. Welcome, partner!

You may improve your sex life by using your vibrator and your partner. As part of the intercourse, give your partner access to your vibrator. Your sexual life may take on a new dimension if you share your experiences with sex toys.

  1. Discover the boss in you

You may use the vibrating rabbit to find out what you truly want and where you prefer to be stimulated because it is made to offer you the most pleasure. We urge focusing on this one the most! Then you may apply these tricks to boost your partner’s sex life.


The aftercare.

For aftercare, you and your rabbit vibrator from Twice Tonight should focus on how you enjoyed the process. If you used the toy alone, you might want to write about your thoughts in a notebook. If you used it with a partner, discuss what you liked and didn’t like. What was pleasant?

The rabbit vibrator should be cleaned and dried as soon as possible. You can use some sex toy cleaner or any soft antibacterial soap and warm water to eliminate any dangerous bacteria. Put back your rabbit vibrator on the charger after cleaning to make sure it is ready whenever you are!

Wish you a lovely bunny experience!







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